Microsoft Surface Book Review

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with Docking Station

I’ve been using the Microsoft Surface Book for the last couple of weeks now, and I have absolutely loved the experience. Even using the base model with an Intel Core i5 at 2.40 Ghz, 8GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD, I’m more than impressed with this machine, especially with how terrible they messed up with the Surface Pro.



The Screen

Microsoft’s “Pixelsense” technology combined with the 3:2 aspect ratio and super high pixel density make the screen on the Surface Book one of the best I’ve seen. Compared to one of the new Macbook Pros, the picture on the Surface Book feels much sharped to me, however the color accuracy isn’t quite as good as that of Apple’s flagship product. But then again, it IS a touchscreen, so at least they got that right (I’m looking at you, Apple).


The Keyboard (and touch pad)


This is such a significant improvement over the keyboard of the Surface Pro, in both feel and (in my opinion) design. While the fun colors of the Surface Pro’s keyboard attachments were actually pretty cool, I’m a much bigger fan of the professional design of the Surface Book’s keyboard.

When it comes to typing, this keyboard rocks. Personally, I experience almost no slowdowns in typing speed when moving from my Quickfire Rapid mechanical keyboard to the one on my Surface Book. Travel distances feel just right and the keys don’t feel overly mushy like they do on a lot of modern laptops. The only real complaint I have about the keyboard is the condensed arrow key configuration, but i would take small up/down arrows over a shortened shift key any day.

The track pad is a hit too. The glass surface makes it super easy to move my fingers across. But, after using the track pad on the new Macbook Pro, I feel spoiled. The Surface’s track pad feels small, and just isn’t as smooth as the one on the Apple Superstar. You did good Microsoft, but you’ve got some work to catch up to the Touch Pad King.


The Pen


The Surface Pen is just amazing. Using it just feels so intuitive and integrated into the system. My biggest complaint? You can’t scroll with the pen by dragging on the screen. Yep. That’s right, if you want to use the Surface’s Pen and want to scroll, you’ll either have to use your finger, or grab the scroll bar on the side of the screen to scroll. Yeah, there’s probably some third-party software that would let me do it, but seriously, why is this not native? You made an amazing piece of hardware that’s (not quite) on par with a Wacom tablet, and you failed to add the ability to scroll. Slow clap to you Microsoft.

Cory Bolles
Cory Bolles
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