Top 5 Awesome Portfolio Websites

Building cool websites is kind of our thing! So who’s to blame us when we find an awesome website that we want to share? These designers absolutely knocked it out of the park with their portfolio sites!


Maria De La Guardia

This site is super awesome! We love the flat design and the grid-style she uses to display her dynamic content on her home page. Maria, you absolutely killed it here. Great job!


Sean Halpin

Sean has done an awesome job with creating this site. We love the illustrations he’s done to represent himself, and how seamlessly they have been integrated into the design!


Robby Leonardi

Okay, now THIS one is just amazing! We can’t say enough times how much we love what Robby has done here.┬áThe interactivity of this site is beyond any we’ve ever seen before, and it’s truly hard to describe how much we love this website. You’ll need to take a look at it yourself!


Daniel Filler

Daniel’s site is simply stunning. We love the subtle color scheme that he chooses to use, and the custom icons are super pretty and nice to look at too. While we don’t quite like having the “Back to Top” button at the top of the screen, we definitely love Daniel Filler’s portfolio site.



Greyscale designs with just a splash of accent colors can look amazing if done right, and my oh my, was this done right. The clean lines, awesome color scheme, and fun combination of straight edges and curves make this site not only easy to look at, but fun to explore!

Cory Bolles
Cory Bolles
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