📅 May 17, 2022

5 Essentials For Your Design Build Website

Let's talk about design build websites and they key features you NEED to have on them!

#1: A Clear, Consistent Call to Action

Having direction in regards to your actions on a website is so important. To make sure all of your web visitors have direction at all times, include clear and consistent calls to action across your site. These calls to action can be simple ("Schedule a Call") or complex ("Fill Out This Form and Get An Instant Quote"), but make sure they are consistent and easy to find.

On the Mythic website, our primary call to action is to schedule a strategy call with us. You can find it on the home page, our services page, under the resources tab, and at the bottom of every blog post.

#2: A Team Page with High-Quality Photos

Trust is a vital component of any website, but even more-so when the services in question are high-value like those of a design-build firm. To help build this trust, we recommend a solid team page that shows off who your clients will be working with. You don't necessarily need to list every employee, but if you can show them who their points of contact will be, that will go a long way toward helping them trust you before they even meet you.

Bonus points if you can add personality through these team pages with biographies, fun facts, or additional furry friend team members

#3: Video Content

Videos - Easier to digest than text content and way more entertaining. If you can, include video content in any place that makes sense. Our example client, Infinite Home, uses videos to show off the different steps in their design build process. Some ideas of how to incorporate video content include:

  • An "about" video to introduce yourself to your clients
  • Vlog-style videos in the office to show off your team and office culture
  • Videos to go with the blog posts on your website (like we have on the Mythic website)

#4: A Strong Design Build Portfolio

At number four, we are recommending a strong portfolio. Showing off your work is important, and that is even more true when we're talking about people's homes! Your design build firm has no-doubt done some awesome work, so show it off! We recommend getting a professional photographer to take photos for you, but if you can't afford that or it just doesn't work with your workflow, you can always take photos with your phone too! Just make sure to show off the most important parts of your work and to make them as appealing as you can.

#5: A Free Value-Add

Finally on our list is a free value-add. If you're not aware, this is just a free piece of content that you can provide to your clients in exchange for an email address. This is often a PDF guide to something relevant in your industry. For design build, you could always use something like "what to expect during renovations." Make sure that whatever you offer, it's intriguing enough to make someone willing to give you their email address. And take advantage of having that email address with e-mail marketing!