About Us

Our History

Since 2017, Mythic has been designing and building websites, creating graphics, and managing marketing campaigns for our clients. We are a young company with a love for emerging technologies, and we want our work to showcase that.

With that in mind however, we also want to make sure our work is lasting, not trendy. Because of that, we test our designs extensively before they ever see the light of day. This helps us make sure that everything we deliver is nothing but top quality.

Our Team

Cory Bolles

Cory Bolles


Cory Bolles is Mythic’s owner and probably who you’ll be working with the most! He’s been designing and developing websites since 2015 and has a strong focus on usable designs and front-end development. Cory believes very highly in the power of proper communication, and the development of lasting relationships with his clients.

As a WordPress designer and developer working in the industry since 2013, Cory has experience with most major CMS and e-commerce platforms on the market including WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Americommerce.

Kaylee Montgomery

Creative Director

Kaylee is an instrumental part of Mythic. She provides crucial insight into the usability of our projects and helps guide the designs to the point where we can be proud of them! She is incredibly artistic and has a passion for worship.

Kaylee is in charge of the Mythic social media accounts as well as those our clients. The quality of our end products would not be anywhere near as high without her, and we are so happy to have her as a part of our team

We hate the hustle.

Our work is incredibly important to us. It’s our passion and gives us a purpose. As a small business, it’s vital that we work hard consistently. 60 hour weeks are not uncommon, and sometimes it gets tiring. That said, we hate the glorified “hustle.” It implies going non-stop, never breathing, never looking back. It’s the motto of workaholics, and we hate it.

What we love is balance. When we work, we work hard. We pour everything in to the projects we manage and the products we deliver. But we also know when to take a break. Small business owners across the country are becoming burnt out and finding themselves beyond tired and stressed out because they continue to hustle without ever stopping.

As a modern business, our promise is this: We will always deliver high quality work, and we will always take the time to appreciate it once we’re finished.

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