Bradenton, FL

About Mythic
Design Company

We do things a little differently than most. Let me explain.

Our Values

We value people. It is our genuine belief that growth is the direct result of good communication, healthy business relationships, and transparency. As a faith-based organization, we also believe that taking care of our customers and stewarding the relationships that come along with them are vitally important to the job we do.
It is better to have little with a heart that loves justice than to be rich and not have God on your side.
Proverbs 16:8 TPT

Our Story

Mythic Design was founded in 2017 as a part-time freelance operation. Over the next two years, we saw enough growth for us to grow into a full-time digital web design agency, and in 2022 we added SEO services to our arsenal to help us not only convert traffic on the sites we made, but actually help drive that traffic in the first place.

Prior to founding Mythic Design, Cory worked as a front-end developer in Sarasota for several years. If you're interested in that story, check out this video.

Giving Back

One of our first clients ever was a non-profit organization, and we loved the ability to help support a cause. Because of this, we evolved to have non-profits be one of our main focuses here. We even offer free web design services to a limited number of non-profits per year as a way of giving back into our community.

If you run a non-profit organization (or just know of one) that would be interested in receiving a free website redesign, head to our non-profit web design page where you can fill out an application. We can only choose a few each year, but we'll let you know right away if we've already hit our quota.


I hired Mythic Design to assist with our website and we have already seen an increase of traffic, both online and in store. We are only a few months in to our plan, and I am looking forward to see the continued growth!
Our team has loved working with Cory of Mythic Design for the past several years! Cory is incredibly responsive and always happy to help us with making updates to our website, brainstorming new marketing strategies, and answering any questions we may have. We are very grateful for our partnership with Mythic Design!
Mythic Design and Cory have been a real pleasure to work with over the past few years. They always produce quality work and are timely and responsive. I look forward to continuing our work together.
Our ideal client is a small business with a desire for growth and an understanding of how important communication is to see that growth.

Our Team

  • Cory Bolles

    Co-Owner/Web Designer
    Cory is our web designer and main point of contact for clients.
  • Kaylee Bolles

    Co-Owner/Print Designer
    Kaylee creates all things print and keeps the team running smoothly.
  • Jared Rendon

    Jared works as our copywriter for client blog posts and SEO copy.

We believe in sustainability.

Our planet is a gift that we have been blessed with. We believe strongly in preserving the earth for future generations to live happy and healthy lives. That's why we are taking action as an organization to help fight climate change. Here's what we're doing specifically:

1. Sustainable Servers

We partner with Dreamhost for our hosting needs. One of the reasons for this is their promise of green hosting. This means our web servers are powered by electrical grids that get their energy from renewable sources line solar, wind, and water. The technology used in the data-centers is as efficient as possible while still providing the best speeds they can, and their data-center partners participate in state-level "clean wind" programs.

2. Carbon Removal

We believe that in order for us to keep our planet healthy, we not only have to reduce our carbon footprints and send less CO2 into the atmosphere, but that we also have to actively take steps to remove the carbon we put in.

We know full-well that carbon removal is not enough to combat climate change, and many experts argue that it's not worth doing at all. That said, we believe every small difference matters.

This is why we've decided to partner with Climeworks to do our part in removing this carbon. Mythic Design has pledged to help remove 50kg of CO2 every month - It's a small start, and we'd love to contribute more in the future as we grow.