About Mythic Design

Bradenton's premier web design and marketing agency

The Start of a Company

Mythic Design was founded in 2017 by Cory Bolles as a part-time freelance operation. By 2019 we had become a full-fledged Florida web design agency. In 2022 we introduced SEO services to help our clients reach new heights in their online traffic.

We are creatives with a passion for small businesses and the people who run them. We know that websites are more than just pages with text and images - they're crucial pieces of your brand. We know that your vision is just as important. That's why we want to use our expertise to develop that vision until it becomes something tangible. Lastly, we know that business is personal. We strive to develop a real and unique relationship with everyone we work with to ensure that every project feels human.

Our Values


We value transparency and communication with our clients. Building trust in the agency-client relationship is hugely important to us, which means we'll always be open and honest.

If we're going to be late on a deadline or your project isn't quite hitting our goals, we'll let you know. Similarly, when a project is going well, we'll share and celebrate that with you!


Doing everything with excellence is what we strive for. We believe strongly in overdelivering whenever possible and providing the utmost care and attention to every project we touch.

Our Clients

Our ideal client is one with a desire for growth and an understanding of how effective communication is the foundation for that growth. We work with lots of small businesses, non-profits, and churches, but the common factor in all of them is that desire.

As a Mythic client you will receive priority treatment from local web design and SEO experts with our guarantee of excellent communication, transparency, and fantastic results.