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Case Study: SEO In A Crowded Market

Full disclosure: We are NOT SEO "Experts". We are designers and developers with a strong understand of the basics and some of the more advanced topics regarding Search Engine Optimization and how the Google overlords work. Now, into the study. We took on the job of...

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The Basics of SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an absolutely MASSIVE buzzword in the modern world (which definitely has nothing to do with the reason behind this article...) and people everywhere are searching desperately to understand how it works, how to improve their...

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6 Things Your Church Website NEEDS To Have

A massive 49% of ALL church giving is happening online - either through a church's website, app, or a text-to-give platform. Even more interesting, 60% - well over half - of a church's congregation is willing to give online. (NP Source). Despite these huge numbers,...

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