Case Study: Fancy Leaf Plant Co

Summary: Within the first 4 months of our SEO campaign, Fancy Leaf Plant Co saw a 364.3% increase in online traffic and a 17.3% decrease in bounce rate.

Fancy Leaf Plant Co Sign on Storefront Window

It’s time to start talking about one of our favorite SEO clients – Fancy Leaf Plant Co. Fancy leaf is a local plant boutique shop that sells house plants and local artisan-made handcrafted goods like soaps, stickers, and pots. With all those great products, they were quickly a local hit and grew their business quite nicely within their first year.

All that growth was great, but they were looking for more. Specifically, they wanted to grow their website traffic and, more importantly, their online sales. See, Fancy Leaf has a store on their website that sells house plants! These plants are actually unique items totally different than what they keep in their physical store. This gave them an excellent opportunity for online sales.

Here’s what we actually did for Fancy Leaf and the results we got for them:

Preparation & GMB Optimization

We started this project like we do every other SEO campaign – preparation. We ensured the site is visible to Google and set up with analytics. Then, we got their site listed on local citation websites. These functioned as low-level backlinks that allowed us to quickly grow their backlink profile. We also optimized their Google My Business (GMB) listing for local SEO, and helped them come up with a strategy to generate Google Reviews. The result? Fancy Leaf went from 5 Google Reviews to 56 5-star reviews in just 4 months.

Website Improvements

Now we turned our attention to their website. We redesigned many major elements of their site including their home page! There’s a lot involved in this process, and it was a blast to see the results! From our website improvements, Fancy Leaf saw a 150% traffic increase in just 2 months.

Driving Online Sales

Finally, it was time to start working on driving sales on the online store. We did this through a series of GMB posts and adding the products directly to Google Search. Through our efforts, their online store is the second most viewed page on their website and has seen a 15% increase in online sales year over year.

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