Case Study: SEO In A Crowded Market

Full disclosure: We are NOT SEO "Experts". We are designers and developers with a strong understand of the basics and some of the more advanced topics regarding Search Engine Optimization and how the Google overlords work. Here we'll be looking at how difficult SEO is in a crowded market.

Now, into the study.

We took on the job of improving the SEO rankings of Assessment+, a leadership development and consulting firm located outside of Atlanta, but operating on a massive corporate scale. They also do survey development, customer engagement, and that type of stuff.

The majority of websites are fairly easy to improve SEO rankings on. After all, most represent local businesses and small mom and pop shops that don't compete with organizations valued at $2.5 Billion. In a crowded market like this, we'll need to go more in depth than your average local business.That being said, this was a difficult task for sure!

So, to cover our basics, here's what we did initially:

Alright, so we're one month in and we've definitely improved, but are not in a position to call this a success quite yet. Our competitors are still wiping the floor with us, and we're nowhere near the first, or even second, page of Google.

Okay, so time to take a step back, analyze our situation, and determine where we go next. Doing this, we find we have an incredibly low domain rating, according to ahrefs. In fact, it's a rating of 1. Out of 100. So our primary concern next was getting this number up, as we felt if our domain was considered more trustworthy, we'd be more likely to appear higher in our organic search results.

We won't go into the specifics of how increasing domain authority works, but SEOPressor has a great article on it, in case you're interested in the details.

That being said, this was a very long, very tedious, and often stressful task to accomplish. Again, we're trying to rank against websites with millions of backlinks, and a ridiculous amount of money to spend on exactly what we're attempting to do right now.

Currently, our focus is on increasing the number of quality backlinks to the site.

UPDATE: 9/24/2019

We've been building backlinks for Assessment+ for a few months now, and we've got to say it's hard work! However, it seems to be panning out to yield successful results.

We've also managed to increase the site's rankings on Google for several of our targeted keywords, which is great!

One change we did make to the site in the meantime is the addition of a floating action button with a contact form, with the goal of hopefully decreasing the Bounce Rate on the site. We'll see how that turns out over the next couple of weeks!

We'll keep this article updated with more information as we continue this process for Assessment+.