📅 May 2, 2022

Local Small Business Websites Reactions

Today I took a look at 3 local small business websites in my area and reviewed their sites! It's hard to fully explain this content in article format, so you definitely want to check out the video above to get the full experience. For reference, here are the three websites we looked at:

Of course, the purpose of this video is NOT to throw shade at the designers and developers of these websites. Instead the goal is to bring to light the little things that make huge differences and potentially bring some value to these companies as well as prevent you from making these mistakes on your own website!

In general, the design mistakes we see on a regular basis are things like inconsistent design choices, overuse of stock images, and a lack of clear call to action or directions. Making simple improvements to your website to fix things like this is easy and helps a LOT with your user experience. And as we know, a great user experience in turn helps SEO rankings.

We'll definitely revisit this concept and take a look at more local small business websites in the future, so stay tuned for more videos and more in-depth design reviews!