📅 April 21, 2022

Looking at the Oxygen WordPress Builder

Today we're taking a look at Oxygen, a visual site builder for WordPress. Oxygen approaches WordPress from a different direction than its more popular competitors. We're going to look at how this has created a more powerful (and faster) product for creating sites in WordPress.

Oxygen contains a number of incredibly useful features to take advantage of the WordPress CMS. Things like full template management, custom post type support, and support for custom fields through ACF and MetaBox are included out-of-the-box.

One of the most useful features of Oxygen that I've found is the repeater element. This allows you to easily create custom post grids for things like blogs, galleries, and more. You get full control over how each element looks and what exactly goes into them. This way, you can create your own WordPress theme without any of the necessary coding skills that are normally needed!

Their tools are super easy to use. Although they are designed for those who know a bit about website design and are familiar with things like CSS, they do still offer a level of usability and what I feel is a pretty gentle learning curve. This makes it pretty easy to pick up on even if you're not familiar with website design.

I've used Oxygen for all my WordPress websites for years now, and I love it. I think their builder is very similar to Webflow. Plus it has the added benefit of having the powerhouse that is WordPress behind it. That said, maybe I'm missing something? If you have a question about Oxygen, let me know!