Affordable Machine and Mold

Affordable Machine and Mold is a local manufacturer that produces plastic parts using injection-molded plastic machinery. We developed their website using a platform that they were already established on - REI Blackbook. While the platform has its limits and kept us from fully designing the site the way that we’d have liked, we think it turned out pretty good!

Working with platforms that you're not familiar with, or don't want to use, is sometimes part of the job. A solid designer should be able to use almost any tool to create something good. That said, there's nothing wrong with using a specific set of tools regularly. For example, we use WordPress with Oxygen Builder for most of our builds.

The staple of this site is the hero background video we shot and edited for them. It’s a simple b-roll cut, but it really helps showcase what they do and, we think, encourages a higher level of conversion on the site compared to a static video. This was our first video production for a client. The affordable team also has us run ad campaigns for them across several platforms.

We love industrial businesses. If you're looking for a website for your B2B or industrial company, contact us!

Affordable Machine and Mold

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