Anna Maria Island Boat Rentals

The folks at Anna Maria Island Boat Rentals approached us initially to design and build them a website that was a) easy for them to edit, and b) had the ability to let clients book their rental slots online.

We chose WordPress for this project, as it gives Ashley and Matt an easy way to edit their website, add new boats, new photos, adjust pages, and do all of the things they need to do to keep their site updated. We integrated a third party booking platform to the site that integrates with their existing calendars to help their customers find rental times and get their slots booked quickly and easily.

The design of the site itself is minimal, using large hero images and lots of white space to accomplish a clean looking and easy to use design. We wanted navigating the website to be quick and easy, making sure that people of all ages would be able to find what they were looking for without issue.

We really loved working on this project, and are working continually with the Anna Maria Boat Rentals team to host their site and keep it secure and updated.

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