Best Coast Internal Medicine

Best Coast Internal Medicine was an interesting project to work on because they are four separate doctors, each with their own separate practices, working out of the same office and advertising under the same branding. We sought to provide a mobile first design that allowed patients to fill out their forms entirely online.

We chose WordPress for this project to keep costs down and to allow the doctors and staff to update the site and easily create and publish blog posts The design of the site itself is minimal, using large hero images and lots of white space to accomplish a clean looking and easy to use design. We wanted navigating the website to be quick and easy, making sure that people of all ages would be able to find what they were looking for without issue.

Working with the doctors at Best Coast was a great experience. They brought excellent levels of communication to the table, making it easy for us to design, develop, and launch their site in a short period of time. We continue to work with them, offering website security and monthly hosting services.

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