Just The Bassics

Just The Bassics is an awesome music educational podcast that has been covering a wide variety of topics from the roles of various instruments, to genre analysis, and tons of awesome stuff in between.

They approached us to help them get started with their podcast, so we created a killer site! we also set up podcast hosting that was easy to use for them! We’re super supportive of their work, as music education is something that should never be taken for granted!

Tommy Bolles and his co-host, Mat Shaw, run the Just The Bassics Podcast. They met at Liberty University in Virginia and love music. We wanted their website to be fun, informative, and simple to show off their personalities. As music majors, they felt they had insights to share with the world that nobody else had. How do you think we did? If you give the podcast a listen, we're sure you'll agree that our design matches the vibe they give off on their show.

Podcasts are a lot of work to create, and you need a killer website for yours! Whether you need podcast hosting, or just a cool looking site to showcase your content, we've got your back. Contact us today!

Just The Bassics

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