My Paper Garden Co

A from-scratch design on this e-commerce website, this project is full of white space and simplicity

The Client

My Paper Garden Co is a wedding invitation company based in Parrish, FL. They create unique and custom watercolor designs for their clients. They thrive in delivering a luxury product to their customers, and they wanted a website that felt luxury to match.

Web Design

My Paper Garden home page

We created a design that embodies minimalist luxury for them. A unique combination of script and sans-serif fonts along with creative overlapping elements and big galleries to show off their work resulted in an end product that we are super proud of! This is also one of our first sites on the Bricks builder and we’re excited to build more with it!


My Paper Garden Co’s business relies on visual design, so the site we created for them has a heavy focus on using images. To help the user experience, we made sure to include image optimization and CDN services so the site is super fast despite having a lot of images.


The My Paper Garden site doubles as an e-commerce store which was really fun to build out. We wanted to have a similar feel to the Etsy storefront since the client also sells their products there, but we made a few improvements to the UX by removing some of the clutter. This was an awesome web design project to be a part of.