Website Management

Keep your website fast and secure.
Once we build your website, we don't leave it to slowly die from neglect. Instead, we offer managed services to regularly update your website and keep it running fast and secure. Just $50/month
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Website Hosting

What is web hosting?

All websites require hosting. A host is simply a computer that is always on that stores your website files and other information. Unfortunately, this can be a complicated process of server and database management, or require hours on the phone with a hosting company to diagnose any issues you might be having with your website. Thankfully, there's an easier option.

At Mythic, we can provide website hosting that is tailored to your website needs so you always have the fastest possible servers for your website, and you never have to deal with anything besides running your business.

How is our hosting different?

Most hosting providers provide "shared" hosting for their clients. This means that your website is sharing a server with sometimes 100s of their other clients. The end result of this? Your website is less secure, more vulnerable to attacks, and more often than not, much slower.

Our hosting plan gives you a VPS, or virtualized private server. This means that your website is completely isolated from any other website or web apps. For you, this means you can rest easy knowing that your site will be secure and lightning fast at all times. Plus, with a 99% uptime guarantee and free emergency support if you run into any issues, the only thing you'll have to think about is what to do with all the time you've saved.

Websites are not a "set it and forget it" tool. Like with anything else, they require regular maintenance and upkeep to keep them secure and running in peak condition. But who has the time or knowledge to make these updates?
Unlimited Bandwidth & Traffic
We don't track how much bandwidth you use, so you never have to worry about "too many visitors" breaking your site.
Free SSL Certificates
Every site is secured with an SSL certificate to ensure your users' data is safe and secure when they come to your site.
Scalable Performance
When you start getting more traffic and sales, our web hosting will scale with you to ensure you never have performance issues.

Website Management

What is website management?

Our management package is designed so that you never have to worry about your website getting slow or being out of date. Our website management package includes:
  • Link monitoring site-wide to ensure all links are functioning
  • 24/7 Uptime monitoring
  • SEO Monitoring for 3 keywords
  • Basic analytics monitoring
  • Monthly reports of all the activity on your site.

These premium services are also included:

Incremental Cloud Backups
We take backups of your website every day and save it off-site in the cloud to ensure your data is never lost.
Security Monitoring
We monitor your site daily, performing full-site scans on a regular basis to root our any vulnerabilities.
Daily performance checks
We run performance checks on your site daily, using both Google's PageSpeed Insights tool as well as the popular "YSlow" tool.
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